Textile Museum Mayhem

I have been to this sale before- you can sometimes find the most amazing stuff. I have never gotten there early so I thought I would give it a go this time around.

I was fourth in line which is a very good spot. I knew what I wanted to check out first and I got what I had come for- though I was a bit disappointed by the selection and annoyed at the woman who practically shoved me aside to rifle through the circular knitting needles.

Ah, an “Excuse me” would have been nice.

But the simplest of niceties were apparently too much to ask for- because this kept happening!! I gave the offenders “the Look” but apparently I am too short or something. All’s fair in love and war and this was definitely war.

Some of these people come every year. There was almost an adversarial camaraderie as we waited for the okay to pounce. They even joked how everyone is nice in line now but that the gloves would come off when we got to the tents. They weren’t kidding. I am wearing my combat boots next time.

Thankfully there were some kind souls and more importantly, people with a sense of humour about this.

I walked out with some books to add to my library, four pairs of knitting needles, this pink-purple fabric that could be made into something cool or atrocious and some fantastic trims. I think I’ll be heading to the notions section first next year and do some research beforehand so I can pick up some crafting equipment.

My boyfriend sent me off with a “Good-luck” and a scared look on his face this morning. He knows I cannot resist a bargain but I think I showed a lot of restraint.

Should I tell him I am thinking about going back tomorrow morning to buy a bag for $5 that I can stuff with as much fabric as it will hold? Maybe I should tell him after I have cracked open a bottle of wine.


~ by angryegg on May 29, 2009.

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