Dancing As Fast As They Can

$50 billion is a big chunk of change.

Where do I even begin?

Even Preston Manning (!) calls the deficit “scary.”

One of my closest friends is a big supporter of the NDP but she has voted Liberal if it meant guaranteeing a Conservative would not win in her riding- even though it pained her to do so. She is a pragmatist in many ways.

How it is that her father is a blindingly resolute Conservative, is beyond me. I like him as a person but I abhor his politics. I remember asking my friend why he is such an adamant supporter of the Conservatives. Apparently he agues that Conservatives are much better stewards of money and all the Liberals and NDP can do is spend with one hand and tax with the other.

I wonder if he still feels the same way.

Who am I kidding, of course he does. His reasoning will just parrot that of Harper and Flaherty. I would bet my house on it.

From a “razor-thin surplus” to a projected $85 million deficit over the next five years in the span of a few months. That was a bit of a change. And now, only a few months since the budget that was handed down after the government was given a do-over, we are already more than halfway towards the $85 million deficit projection.

Some may argue that their hands are tied by the recession- the extent of which no one could have projected. But that isn’t really true. It happened fast but the warning signs were there. Is the government not supposed to be responsible with our money? Conserve when the times are good, loosen the purse-strings when times are tough.

I think this government forgot one half of the equation. I don’t want to be overly simplistic but does this seem familiar to anyone? 

They continue to argue that we are still much better off than other countries. That may be the case but not because of anything the Conservatives have done. On the contrary.

I don’t think people understand the burden that a $50 billion deficit is on each Canadian. Many people seem very willing to give them a pass on this. Get your heads back into the sand. Go to your happy place.

Something has to be done but the way they are throwing money around with little regard to enhancing future productivity and preparing Canadians for the time when we come out of the recession will be an opportunity wasted.

Thinking about this makes my blood boil. Time to stop- for now.


~ by angryegg on May 27, 2009.

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