Stupid Tennis People

We were up against a team I have historically had some issues with.

You always hope things will be okay this time but they weren’t.

It didn’t start that way but my partner was a little late and they were starting to make a big stink. The other teams were still warming up but they wanted it on the record that we have to start soon. Duh.

Then we got a few shady calls- which is not surprising for this team but whatever. Then my partner pulls a muscle. She struggled through it and we were just starting to make a game of it so they did what any team would do, play the injured player.

That’s the strategy and I am not faulting them for doing the smart thing but do you really have to celebrate a “great shot” that was actually just “a shot” that targeted the person with an injury. Please. At least try to hide the glee you were feeling.

We lost our match but the other three courts won so this effectively put us in a tie for first place with them. Maybe this was why the captain was crusty but it doesn’t really justify how she basically dismissed me when I was trying to get the administrative stuff out of the way. I may look young but I am not an idiot. Do not treat me like a child- I am not the captain of the team for nothing. I know when someone is trying to push their weight around and I don’t appreciate it.

This kind of behavior probably works with other people because her grandmotherly demeanor makes the claws that are unleashed that much more effective.

I need thicker skin.

I’ll be better prepared next time. I have two weeks to play some more tennis and I’ll be sure to try and get time in with people who puff the ball.

Revenge Justice will be sweet.


~ by angryegg on May 26, 2009.

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