Burger Up

Yesterday was Harvey’s Original Burger Day giveaway.

We didn’t get to the Harvey’s until 2pm. There were probably around 50 people in line. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but the location we went to was not in the best of neighbourhoods so the people were a little scary.

The guy in front of us was very chatty. In between him telling us about his conspiracy theory connection between Obama and Harper and slacking off when he worked at Tim Hortons, I asked him how many burgers he had had- this was his fifth time in line!


I had joked to people that I had a route lined up with all the Harvey’s in the area that were participating in this give-away. I wouldn’t have actually gone to all that effort- it was just funny to see the look on the faces of the people I said this to. One burger is about my limit- maybe one and a half.

Apparently this guy felt no shame. He just kept getting back in line at the same restaurant. I feel shame, hence the route. He wasn’t even eating them but saving the burgers for later. At least he was smart about it…. He had them wrap up the burgers without any toppings. Good thinking. Besides, five burgers in one sitting wouldn’t be good for his diabetes- he knows, he’s no dummy.

I wonder if he will freeze the burgers like the Big Mac Guy in Supersize Me

Regardless, I hope he enjoys the burgers- he worked hard for them.


~ by angryegg on May 25, 2009.

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