Flip Flop Feeting Frenzy

Okay, so I borrowed “Feeting Frenzy” from the promo poster in front of Old Navy.

They had a $1 sale on flip flops regularly priced at 2 for $5.

I dragged my boyfriend out with me and ended up with 10 pairs!!!


My bounty.

My bounty.


I got very basic colours- it was all I could find in my size. I missed out on orange, fushia pink, green and navy flip flops. I had major flip flop envy as I surveyed the plethora of colour I missed out on.

It was a madhouse- and there were a lot of disappointed people who did not pay closer attention to the fine print. Only five pairs per purchase. I saw some people with several bags so I imagine a lot of people went back into line several times over. This is the time where it is advantageous to have a bunch of kids. Slip them each $5.25 and five pairs of flip flops and Bob’s your uncle.

People with too many pairs had to choose on the spot and the rejects were thrown in a bin. More than a few people were eyeing those bins…. Myself included.




While we waited in line, we saw people scramble around the store looking for anything they might have missed or wait for people who were sorting through their stash, hoping to get a first look at the discards. It was pretty funny but I didn’t have the energy or the patience.

If only I had gotten my lazy butt out of bed a half hour sooner.

Oh well.

Next time.


~ by angryegg on May 24, 2009.

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