Southland Rips a Funny From The Headlines

I got in about 20 minutes ago.

I was working on something intense and needed to wind down so I started to watch something I had taped earlier in the evening.

Two of the police officers on the show Southland were stuck answering ridiculous calls and one was a woman who called the cops because the McDonalds had run out of nuggets….

Sound familiar?

Some looney toons in Florida, if I remember correctly, called 911 several times to report that the McDonalds she frequents had run out of her favourite food. And, for her troubles, the crazy lady was taken in to custody for being an idiot.

Okay, that wasn’t the actual reason but it should have been.

This is usually the kind of thing that Law and Order does…. Ripped from the headlines. I thought the producers of ER were behind this one. Maybe I’m wrong.

Doesn’t matter.

This is actually a pretty good show so far. Gritty, complicated and messy- shot pseudo documentary-style. I just hope they aren’t running out of ideas already!

I don’t love it instantly like Fringe (hello, J.J. Abrams!) but I’ll stick with it for a while to see where it goes.


~ by angryegg on May 22, 2009.

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