Made Me Smile

I needed it this morning.

I’ve been working really hard just to keep my head above water and it was revealed to me that certain people in high, decision-making positions, think I am not capable of handling stuff at work. Apparently they are completely clueless to the fact that I trained someone to do the work in question and continue to do the analysis. But I’m the one who is paid like an entry level admin assistant and the waste of space (who obviously continues to take credit for my work and the work of others) makes six figures.

That makes sense…

But I digress.

I was five minutes from work, zoning out, listening to my iPod, hoping it doesn’t take a turn and start raining when I see this guy bopping to tunes coming from his slightly retro but very expensive looking (Sennheiser perhaps?) headphones.

He was doing some Kevin Bacon dude moves a la Footloose.

Seriously funny.

You know the swagger. The swinging of the left arm with a little shoulder action…. You have to be a certain kind of guy to get away with it.

Of course it helped that he was fairly attractive- very few guys or girls I know would kick him out for eating crackers in bed. You could tell he was pretty athletic, probably a swimmer or rower. Some people just have an easy way about them (not “that” kind of easy, necessarily). Very confident.

I, on the other hand, can be very stiff and awkward- no Latin blood in me.

Like fashion, there are certain things that mere mortals should not attempt. On men, short-sleeved collared shirts or shorts for the office or even better, the two combined. You either have to be hot or have a certain je ne sais quoi where you can challenge, nudge societal precepts of acceptability and get away with it.

Not many people fall into this category, but he could pass.

And I am glad I saw him this morning- I needed something to lighten my mood.

But now, back to grey.


~ by angryegg on May 22, 2009.

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