Caught Red Handed

An edible flower bouquet was forwarded to the office and this was generously left in the kitchen to be shared.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time so I got there before almost everyone else. Chocolate covered strawberries are my friend.

I was getting ready to leave for the day and I saw the basket in the garbage. The skewers for the fruit flowers had been stuck into half a head of iceberg lettuce with leaves of kale as a decorative cover. I started to pull the skewers out so I could compost the base.

The head of HR walked by just as I placed the greens in a bag for composting. 

It must have looked like I was packing it up to take it home for dinner.That was not embarrassing, at all.

Technically speaking I could have taken it home. Kale is delicious and the iceberg lettuce was in good condition but it had been in the garbage. It doesn’t matter that it was protected by the cellophane the bouquet had been wrapped in. I get enough flack for composting in the first place- I certainly did not need extra sass for fishing edibles out of the garbage.

The happy compromise was to compost the greens. It is just too bad that someone I don’t know very well was the one who saw me. If it was someone else, I would have unleashed a “bit.” People who know me and the person who caught me mid-compost are on their @sses because this would have been laugh out loud funny. 

I am not a natural comedienne but I have my moments. There was potential but this was not one of them. I was being judged- I could feel it. That’s okay. People are free to judge away.

It would have been a bigger deal if I were angling for a promotion. It is a good thing I have pretty much given up hope of getting ahead in this company.

And next time, screw convention and socially acceptable behaviour. I am taking the greens home.


~ by angryegg on May 21, 2009.

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