6/49 Fever

The jackpot for tonight’s draw is $49 million. It is chump change compared to some of the 100+ million dollar/euro draws in the U.S. or Europe but it doesn’t really get much higher than this here.

People are being warned that they may experience line-ups at lottery terminals since everyone and their dog will be getting tickets.

The actual chances of winning are astronomically slim but the $2 (or more) you spend is a chance to dream big. And who doesn’t like to dream?

It always makes me laugh when significant life-changing amounts are won by people, who, when asked what they will do, say they plan on keeping their jobs. Unless they work for themselves, I would say, give it three weeks. Call me cynical but consider the following. The interest received- on the entire amount if it was just stuck in a bank account earning 2% interest (a silly move but not the worst)- after taxes, in one month, would be more than what the average person earns in a year before taxes…

Ouch. Just think about the ramifications…. I’ll bet a wine tour in the south of France is looking a lot more appealing.

There are a few groups pooling money for tickets in the office and I’ll throw in my $2 in with anyone who invites me to participate (three so far). It’s not that I truly believe any of them will result in “the win” but there is the element of “you never know.” How much would it suck to be the one person who decides not to go in with the group that does win?

The high percentage of people who win and then go bankrupt a few years down the line also startles me. I shouldn’t judge because I haven’t been in their shoes but really??? They should make it mandatory for winners to take wealth management classes. I can only imagine that the one thing worse than being the guy who misses the boat is the guy who wins and blows it. Not long ago, one of the big winners was a man in his 20’s who said he was going to start a company making hot rods…. My boyfriend and I couldn’t help but think that he was going to end up being a statistic- and not in a good way.

I am not frivolous by nature but if (when, haha) I win and all the “boring” responsible stuff is set up (trusts for my family and my godkids, different ventures and investments, a foundation named for my paternal Grandmother etc- basically make sure the people I care about and at least the next generation are set up), I will play (a lot of travel with friends and family, a Birkin or two, take some fun classes, get new tennis gear, go to Italy for my Fiorentini & Baker boots)!!!

Oh, and I will be extra generous and give work four weeks notice.


~ by angryegg on May 20, 2009.

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