Weekday Warriors

I had my second floor hockey game tonight. We won but one of the guys on the other team was a bit intense.

Okay, a lot intense.

This is definitely not the game I played when I was in grade school.

A fight almost broke out with about 20 minutes left on the clock. From the reaction of the other team, you could tell this was not the first time. At one point he body-checked me. I just figured it was an accident- until I saw that he was doing the same to everyone else, girls included. 

So much for a friendly game of pick-up floor hockey. The rest of the team was fine, competitive but generally nice. I found out after the game they are the best team in the league so they were probably feeling the pressure. I am glad I didn’t know- I would have been intimidated.

We were just happy the win ensured us a berth in the playoffs.

I am competitive by nature but I generally try not to be an @ss. Okay, I accidentally bumped into one of the girls on the other team and tripped up one of the guys. In my defence, I am not a very good player and I always apologize.

The team we played last week was even more intensely competitive. One girl kept whining about how we weren’t playing for the Stanley Cup- boohoo. I didn’t see her getting checked into the side of the gym- (no apology). It was only the following day that I realized how bruised I was- with an especially lovely one on the hip where it met the wall. I am sure some lovely bruises will come up tomorrow. It just sucks that my sore thumb will make it difficult to hold a tennis racket but as long as I don’t lose an eye. 

I resisted signing up for this but I got sucked in and now I am glad I did. You can’t blow off this kind of steam on a tennis court.


~ by angryegg on May 19, 2009.

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