Let the Games Begin…

The Conservative Party released attack ads this past week.

The target, the Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff.

Mud, meet sling. Pull and release.

The ads call into question his loyalty to Canada citing the 34 years he spent, most of his adult, living abroad.

Harper and crew are planting the seeds of discord and doubt and we all know what that means…. Election anyone?

Will it work? Who knows. The commercial basically preaches to the converted but they need more than their base to get back into office. They have basically shot themselves in the foot with respect to Quebec and you need Quebec to have any hope of becoming the majority government but their standings in the polls would suggest they are looking at official opposition status.

But who looks at polls, right?

Let’s ignore the myopic views of the Conservatives for a moment…. All politicians are self-serving and have an agenda. We just hope the people we back have similar interests to ours.

I am not saying that Ignatieff is our man but this attack, while ridiculous, may be effective- though not as effective as it would have been if Ignatieff had won the party leadership (as was largely expected) with his first kick at the can four years ago.

Personally, I believe spending time abroad gives one valuable insight and appreciation of where one comes from. How do you really know what you have until you leave it behind? 

Well, I am hoping that Canadians are smarter than this. Of course they did fall for the attack ads against Dion and believed instead in the noodle dressed up in sweaters.

I’ll cross my fingers but not hold my breath.


~ by angryegg on May 17, 2009.

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