Sewing Addiction

Many years ago my brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a sewing machine.

I had the best of intentions to teach myself to sew. The fact that I squandered the opportunity to learn from my Mother, an expert seamstress, is beside the point. Stupid, stupid me.

The poor thing has been gathering dust- until now.

I officially have the sewing itch.

I needed some shopping therapy but I couldn’t justify spending the money. If I am ever going to get the renovations done on the house, I will need cash. Besides, I have SO much in the way of hand-me-downs that it doesn’t make sense for me not to try and rework what I already have.

So far, I have fixed the pockets on a pair of pants, made a pocket for my Nike + iPod sensor (to attach to my not-Nike running shoe), hemmed two skirts (that I had difficulty wearing as is) and made a bag. I drew a sketch of a shirt that I want to make out of an old bedspread, I am figuring out a pattern for a wrap skirt that I have seen online and I have started to look for fabric to recover cushions. Of course, all the fabric I like is outrageously expensive so now I am trying to come up with an inexpensive workaround. Apparently Value Village is having one of their 50% off days in just over a week. Hmmm….

I haven’t made anything overly complicated but what I should really be doing is scaling down all the monster t-shirts/dresses that I have to make them more wearable for sports. My favourite workout shirt is going to get completely mangled if I don’t switch it up more often.

There are a lot of free patterns online but the coolest things I have seen are in books. Maybe I’ll have to get myself an early birthday present…. I will use any excuse I can find to buy books.

I have a collection of old books on sewing but I am coveting some of the really cool ones featuring Japanese designers and books on embellishment and creating texture.

If it is rainy this weekend, I may just have to make my way to the bookstore for inspiration…


~ by angryegg on May 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sewing Addiction”

  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job of sewing. Reworking what you have is a great idea, especially in this economy, but it may help you want to wear/use what you already have instead of buying new. You’re right, fabric is expensive and there aren’t alot of places where you can find good quality anymore. Good luck and keep on sewing!

  2. The whole idea is for me to rework and wear the stuff I already have (and I have way too much!!)- besides, who really wants to be wearing the same thing as everyone else? At some point I will take a class but I’ll muddle through and see what I can figure out with the help of books and the vast resources online. Thanks again for the words of encouragement and I will!!!

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