Schoolyard Brouhaha

Last week, NATO booted two Russian diplomats from Brussels for their alleged connections to a spy scandal.

Today, two Canadian diplomats working for NATO were turfed from Russia in retaliation.

What next? Are they going to drop their pants and bring out the measuring tape?

People are making allusions to the Cold War and how this is a return to old tactics. I didn’t realize we ever got away from these “old tactics.”

Or maybe I am just too cynical for my own good.

I really don’t know what is going on because people are pulling their usual vague blustering finger-pointing thing. Implying much but saying very little. Typical politicking.

What I did find interesting was the selection of two Canadians to oust. Of all the people who work for NATO within Russian borders (I don’t have the numbers but I am sure it is more than two), two Canucks were given the heave-ho.

Hmmm…Is this significant? Is Canada such small potatoes that we can be the (white gloved) instrument of a bitch-slap that signifies annoyance without having it blow up in Russia’s face? If Canada wasn’t the target, why wasn’t it a Canadian and Frenchman (or woman) given the see-ya-later? Or a Canadian and a Brit? A Canadian and an American?

I don’t know what it means. It just tweaked my curiosity.


~ by angryegg on May 6, 2009.

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