Not Quite Quarter Marathon

I didn’t really want to do it again. As the deadlines to enter drew near, I thought I was home free.

I exhaled too quickly. 

With less than four weeks before the run, I got bamboozled into putting enlisting a team from work to run the Sporting Life 10K. That didn’t leave a lot of time for fund raising or training.

The feature charity was Camp Oochigeas, a camp for kids with cancer or who have battled cancer. If you collect (a minimum of) $250 in pledges before the race (enough to send one kid to camp for one day), you would get (almost) free registration. I am not good at hustling (and apparently I don’t have many friends) so I ended up twisting one brother’s arm to get me to the 250 mark. He gets a tax write off so it’s a win-win.

Which reminds me- I have to collect money from the runners who didn’t raise (or raise enough) money before the deadline…. I put the registration fee for all 11 runners on my credit card. It’s a big chunk of change though collecting should not be a big deal since I know where everyone sits!

The start was an ungodly 8am- which is actually better weather wise. It was very crisp. Of course I am the queen procrastinator so I didn’t walk out of my boyfriend’s building until almost 7:15am. Some people in a mini-van took pity and offered me a ride up to the start. This year’s glow-in-the-dark yellow shirts gave me away. They with were waiting for their friends and happened to have one seat available. (Many thanks to Phil, Barb, Jim, Lynn and mystery guy in the white knuckle seat for picking up the stray!)

That was major bonus fries! The subway doesn’t run until 9am on Sunday and though busses would be out in full force, it is a bit of a drag. I was dropped off 30 seconds from my designated meeting spot.

This year I got smart. I ditched the knapsack and sweatshirt, wore a long-sleeve tech shirt under the yellow one from the sponsors, a baseball cap, shorts (layered over leggings) with three zippered pockets to hold everything I would need- chapstick with SPF 15, tissues (for my very runny nose), a key to get back into the boyfriend’s, a subway token, credit card and money for the post run brunch, iPod and my life saver, Extra-strength Halls.

Only the absolute essentials.

I crossed the finish at 1:33:03. (I should actually check the chip time.) Not bad considering I am at the tail end of a cold, did not train, am woefully out of shaped, had to stop a couple times for traffic and almost got swiped by someone raking up paper cups at a Gatorade station.

I wasn’t feeling too bad after the race but started to feel it after sitting down for a coffee. I had the best intentions of downing a greasy breakfast but I just wasn’t hungry. I am fine if I keep moving but once I stop….

Inertia is my friend and my foe.

Surprisingly, I feel much better today than I thought I would. My quads are killing me, walking down stairs is a little precarious and my torso is sore. To be fair, the latter is likely due to coughing.

Maybe I should use the 10K as a stepping stone to an actual training program…. 

I have been told that running is the best way to keep the weight down once you hit middle age.

How depressing is that? 

I don’t have plans to register for another run until September. If I can keep going….


~ by angryegg on May 4, 2009.

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