Adele is a Goddess

Adele performed at Massey Hall last night.

I wouldn’t have gone if my friend hadn’t brought it to my attention a few weeks ago. (Thanks LC.)

I’ll probably pay for it (I am fighting a cold and the cold is winning) because I started to fade towards the end of the show but I would not have missed it for the world!

She was amazing!

Her voice is a force of nature. Like something from another time. If you had to put her in a category, she is Amy Winehouse-ish without the crazy.  She sang music from her first CD, a song (Stand By Me) she is working on for her next CD and covers ranging from Bob Dylan to Sam Cook. She candidly admits that this is because she doesn’t have enough music to do a full set- and she loves these songs, of course. Her voice was more raw and smoky than her recordings but to great effect. 

Adele was backed by a really tight five piece band but she also performed some songs accompanied only by her guitar. None of this lip synch bullsh!t or guitar grandstanding (where guitar = penis) a la Madonna.

She did a version of  Fool That I Am, the first song she ever heard by Etta James that made her want to become a singer. Listening to her, I want to be a singer. With all the gushing over Beyoncé‘s version of At Last during one of the inauguration balls (yawn), it pales in comparison to Adele. Not even close. Beyoncé? Beyoncé who?

David Martel opened the show accompanied by a cellist and back-up singer (beautiful voice). I had no idea who this guy in slippers was but I would pay to see him again. He had some super fans in the audience. As funny as it was, I am glad I was not next to those screaming girls. His performance reminds me of Liam Finn but his voice had a touch of Jeff Buckley (a music god who died too early).

Adele was charming (what IS it about those British accents?) and genuine. The kind of girl you want to have a beer with at the pub. It didn’t matter that she performed in what she said were her pajamas (black leggings, flats and a slouchy black and grey horizontal striped shirt with 3/4 sleeves).

I will see her again but she won’t be back in Toronto until her next CD drops. Boo. The wait will feel like eons- but it will be worth it.


~ by angryegg on April 30, 2009.

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