I Hate Waiting in Line…

But I did it for a free Brita water pitcher. 

As part of Earth Day, over 3000 Brita water pitchers were handed out at Dundas Square.

I waited over an hour. There were hundreds of people in front of me but I thought what the hell. They apparently only started handing them out at 1pm and I arrived about 1:15 so I figured I had a good shot. Besides, if I missed out, at least I had my iPod with me.

10 minutes after I got arrived, there were already 50 people behind me. The waiting was fine until we realized there was a rogue line-up resulting in a bottleneck right beside the tent that housed the water pitchers.

That got people hot under the collar. A few line jumpers is one thing but to have hundreds of people do it??? At least it was drizzling- if it were hot and humid, there would have been a riot.

The ineffectual “security” guards were busy herding people off the sidewalk but did not pay attention to the line that was an offshoot of the much longer line that wound around the perimeter of the square twice. They got off their butts and did something about it an hour into the wait. Thanks for coming out. Why did they even bother having “security” guards when they didn’t do their job?

I actually don’t even like water but I want to get into the habit of drinking more. And thanks to Earth Day (and my hour and a half wait) I have no excuse…


~ by angryegg on April 22, 2009.

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