Crossing Over to the Dark Side

I’ve been mocked, cajoled, admonished and faced down looks of astonishment and disbelief (accompanied by shaking of the head).

But now, my resolve has waned and I have taken my first steps to the dark side.

I just got my first cell phone.

I actually bought a SIM card- a friend had given me her old cell phone years (!) ago when she upgraded to her Blackberry. I had to blow off the dust that had collected on the ziplock bag housing the phone.

I didn’t completely step off the cliff- I opted to pre-pay for my minutes. The amount is good for a year- if it lasts that long. I was given a laundry list of charges I would be dinged for- without even turning it on…. The cost of convenience, I suppose.

I always said that I would not get a cell phone until I need it for business or emergencies (if I had a car or kids or both). I never understood why you would want to be reachable 24 hours a day.

I remember walking through Eaton Centre years ago (before they renovated the Yonge and Dundas section) and there were scores of kids hanging out by the windows with their friends and negotiating with their Moms, via their cell phone, about what time they would have to be back home for dinner. Who wants (or needs) that? Though, if I were the Mom, it would be fantastic- until the bill came in.

After people’s jaws dropped at the revelation that I did not have a cell phone, they would stumble again when I told them my boyfriend didn’t either. According to a U.N. study, Canada lags far behind other high-income countries when it comes to mobile communication. In falling to 19th place (in 2007), Canada is flanked by Bosnia and Botswana. 

This is not a surprise since it is so bloody expensive in Canada. I hear nothing but complaints about the (lack of) service from the two cell phone providers we have to “choose” from. Ridiculous cost, few service provider options and relatively inexpensive land lines were the reasons why I held out so long.

I just hope I don’t fall into the bad habits that I see from other cell phone users. I don’t want it to become permanently attached to my ear- but then I did not think my iPod would become such a necessity and constant companion.

But first, I have to charge the sucker up….


~ by angryegg on April 21, 2009.

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