Plus One

I got a call on Friday to be someone’s Plus One for a wedding. We both know her from work so I said yes immediately.

Two days later, I am wondering if I said yes too quickly.

I was on my way back from a movie tonight and started to have doubts. I will know a quite a few people in attendance because they are from work but I wasn’t actually invited. It is a little like getting a late invitation- you know you were on the if-someone-cancels-after-numbers-have-been-confirmed-to-the-caterer-list.

You know that they know that you know you were on that list. 

I’ve been people’s plus ones before but never when I actually knew the bride and groom- well enough to have been invited to their house in the past. She did say that she would be inviting me to the wedding before she left but I knew it would be a long shot. I would never hold her to something she said over a year ago but I feel weird about it.

Am I being overly sensitive?

A friend of mind is a wedding planner and etiquette expert. I’ll run it by her.

I hate awkward situations- I am not good at them. Some people can small talk their way out of anything- I clam up and hug the outer walls. 

Talking about making a potentially awkward situation just awkward- I’m a master at it.

I don’t have to decide today but I will have to decide soon.


~ by angryegg on April 19, 2009.

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