Begging For Dollars

I wasn’t going to do it again but one of my colleagues cajoled, whined…pleaded with me.

I have trouble saying no so I once again spearheaded the drive to get a team together for the Sporting Life 10K.

Running is something I generally only do when I need to catch a bus, when I am chasing a ball or when I am being chased. My body wasn’t built to run- it was genetically engineered to plant rice paddies.

There are fewer intensely athletic types running this year- the rest of us are doing it because it will be fun (funny) but in actuality, we are looking forward to our reward- a greasy post-race brunch for some, beer for others.

One of the guys joked that he was going to walk it with a bucket of fried chicken…I think I stick close to him.

There are only two weeks before the race (of course I use that term loosely) but my intention is to get some runs in before- to lessen the shock to the system. My tennis club officially opens tomorrow so I am going to try and get my heart eased into the strain of athletic pursuit….

The registration fee is not heinous but some of us have elected to try and raise money for Camp Oochigeas for free registration. Each individual is to raise $250- which is enough to send a child to this special camp for kids with cancer for one day. It is a worthy cause and free registration is bonus fries (or should that be reversed?).

So now, about nine of us are vying for dollars- begging our co-workers, family and friends. There is a bit of an overlap because we have to fundraise as individuals, with individual online pledge pages- and times being what they are, it has been tough.

One person hit his goal shortly after posting his page and did a little happy dance in front of the rest of us. For the briefest of moments I considered tripping him up but that, no matter how gratifying in the moment, would have been very unsportsmanlike. It also would have legitimized his competification of the fundraising process- and I was not prepared to give him that kind of satisfaction.

(Okay, competification is not a word but it should be.)

It reminds me too much of fundraising for grade school and high school activities. I always felt completely awkward coming up to people with my hand out (metaphorically).

Well, my hands are out and so far, I apparently only have two friends….how much do I suck?


~ by angryegg on April 17, 2009.

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