Copier Nazi

I’m a dork when it comes to technology so when the announcement of a little “seminar” on how to make better use of the copy machine was sent out, I signed up.

Apparently the sign-up was very low so the person organizing it went around to “suggest” to certain people that this would be a good idea.

More people attended but certain people who should have didn’t.

I went to the copy machine to pick up some printing I had just sent out and the machine flashed red. So many sheets (not double-sided even) had printed out (and not picked up) that the machine was begging that these pages be removed. There was almost an audible sigh from the machine when I removed the paper.

More than one person goes by this name (and of course I asked the wrong one)…. Apparently the job was sent out a few times to different printers because it did not come out the first time. It just occurred to me now that the first person I asked seemed to be aware of the many copies printing out and did not say anything.

Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in….

Okay, I am a little crusty because I haven’t been sleeping well, but for f*cks sake, maybe checking to see if there was paper in the machine first before hitting send 10 more times might have been a good idea. Or check the machine to see if your job was in queue for some reason. Or how about telling someone that they are printing out the equivalent of section A from the Library of Congress?

I probably came across as the Wicked Witch of the West. I wasn’t amused but this person is lucky that certain other people didn’t see it first- heads would have exploded.

It is absolutely stunning how expensive these machines are- I made a joke once about being able to put a down payment on a house and the person just shrugged their shoulders. Hmmm…. And let’s not get into the environmental cost of wasting paper- I could rant for hours (especially since I am jonesing for a fight right now.)

Almost more stunning is how much it actually costs when we go over our “allowed” copies per month. I had no idea until I saw the bill. Highway robbery! I worked in a company once where we regularly shook the cartridge to eek out a few more copies- when you don’t have money to waste, you get creative.

I am just glad this stuff is not coming out of my pocket.


~ by angryegg on April 16, 2009.

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