Countrified Walmart and the Ripple Effect

A Walmart opened in town a few months ago and I have resisted going.

(Cue Darth Vader theme.)

One Walmart is pretty much like every other but Dad thought broccoli was on sale so we went over to the dark side after we dropped Mom off at work.

I could hear very loud music coming from the store. They had a live band playing in the front- the kind of band that you would see play at a local bar.

The music was making me itch. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

The parking lot was pretty full but the prices weren’t that great. Regardless, the loss leaders did their job in attracting warm bodies with loose purse strings. Not surprising, really. People are sheep.

We didn’t find what we needed- though we did see the freezers that were rigged with motion sensors to turn on the lights when people stepped in front. That was actually kind of cool. A great energy saver if there ever was one!

My parents’ spending habits are very much driven by price. Mine are as well but I do make the effort to frequent Canadian stores or the Mom and Pop shops if the prices are close. I am not as militant as a friend of mine but I try for a certain consistency between my spending habits and my politics.

We ended up at Giant Tiger. They have the best sour gummis that I have been able to find. The day they change suppliers will be a sad day for my co-workers and me (yes, I am to blame for cultivating a bad addiction to sour goodness).

It will be interesting to see how the town changes with the new kid in town. A lot of stores have already closed in advance of Walmart’s opening. Some new stores will be opening soon but quite a few spaces are sitting empty downtown.

Some stores are expanding, some larger players have gotten into the game but this only means more small players will fold.

I have my fingers crossed for the little guys but I am not holding my breath.



~ by angryegg on April 12, 2009.

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