Blast From The Past At Sally Ann


We are up in Port Elgin for Easter weekend. It has been gorgeous the last couple days but everything was closed on Friday so everyone is out in full force today.

My Dad and one of my brothers went to the newly renovated library this morning (to stake out the primo reading spots) and I went to Sally Ann for the best bargains in town. My parents have been lamenting the fact that the prices have gone up so much in the last little while. This may not be such a bad thing since they have stockpiled enough yarn to sink a ship.

I knew it was going to be packed at Sally Ann- it was closed yesterday and people won’t be able to get in again until Tuesday so everyone had to get their fix today. And the scores of cars parked up and down the road weren’t a dead give-away, at all. The local Tim Hortons is just up the street but people going in for caffeine would have parked a little further up the street.

I got there about 10 minutes after they opened and I had to navigate my way past a sea of people already lined up to pay. So much for getting there in time to scoop up the best of the merchandise. I wonder if the recession is making Sally Ann more of a necessity for people now. I would have asked the ladies at cash but it was just too busy to start up a casual conversation about the state of the economy, any changes to the clientele or the donations. 

I was about to walk out with my treasures (old vinyl records, two sets of knitting needles, a book on nature crafts and a history of Christianity in Great Britain before the Reformation) and I heard my name. I had my iPod on- thankfully, low enough to hear what was happening around me.

I hadn’t seen him since a mutual friend’s wedding years ago. His daughters were with him- the last time I saw them, they were babies! He and his brother (a sort of former flame) were just wandering around Sally Ann for a quick shop before doing more family things. It was so amazing to see them- I never really see anyone when I am here because I am only in for a couple days and I want to spend it with my family.

The guys haven’t changed a bit- okay, we are all older (duh), greyer and a little heavier, but otherwise exactly the same!

I have lost touch with most of the people I grew up with. I wasn’t one of the popular kids like my younger sister who still knows everyone. It is so weird seeing people with their kids who are taller than me! Makes me feel instantly ancient.

Is that a mid-life crisis knocking on my door? 

Hmmm…. Not the time to dwell on this. There is a slightly sinister Easter Bunny hopping around the cafe offering chocolates. He is kind of freaking me out a little.


~ by angryegg on April 12, 2009.

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