Billy Bob Turns Tail and Runs

So, the front page (!) of the Toronto Star is reporting that BBT and his crew the whatyamacallits have bailed on the rest of the Canadian tour dates after they were booed at Massey Hall.

Do mashed potatoes without the gravy boo?

Apparently they do- and they weren’t willing to listen to let him try to justify his bad behaviour. At least they didn’t pelt him with mashed potatoes! But then he and his boys are used to playing venues where bottles are thrown around- Canadians are just so tame….

I was tempted to try and find out where he was staying while they were in Toronto to send him some gravy but I that would have taken WAY to much effort for someone I don’t give a sh!t about.

I wonder if anyone else might have tried…. That would have been pretty hilarious! Maybe we should start a campaign to send Billy Bob gravy…. It would be a little messy (not a bad thing) and though it would be a waste of good gravy, how stinkin’ funny would that be!??

Yes, I am a juvenile delinquent at heart.

Okay, it would take a lot for me to actually do it (have better things to do with my time) but I am giddy just thinking about it…


~ by angryegg on April 11, 2009.

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