Kumar Goes to Washington

We were watching House on Monday and were dumbfounded by Dr. Kutner’s death.

I loved this character! I may be biased because I loved Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Did I miss something? The character’s death seemed to come from nowhere. Granted, I am usually doing something else when I am “watching” t.v. but this was a big thing not to see coming.

And then it all made sense yesterday.

According to CNN, Kal Penn, the actor that plays Dr. Kutner, was appointed associate director in the Office of Public Liaison. He will be the liaison between the Obama administration and Asian Americans.

Penn supported Obama on the campaign trail and will take a break from acting to see where this foray into politics will take him.

I actually think this is pretty cool but I hope he comes back to acting eventually.


~ by angryegg on April 8, 2009.

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