Bizarre But Strangely Compeling

My boyfriend frequents these gadget blogs and stumbled across this link to a very bizarre Japanese anime called Cat Shit One.


If you are into animation at all you have to check it out!

It is surreal!

It is so well done- you are not sure if it is real footage or animation, then you realize the soldiers are rabbits.

Yes, Rabbits!

I am not sure where the title comes from- I don’t read or understand Japanese but it is worth a look.

I forwarded this to a friend at work and our subsequent conversation drew in two others who share a love for the slightly twisted. I was forwarded a couple links that (if I know these guys at all) is safer to view at home.

Stay tuned…. If it is worth looking at, I’ll pass it along.


~ by angryegg on April 8, 2009.

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