Party Etiquette Reality Check

On the heels of my previous Party post (literally), I encountered my 1%.

And it made me feel like shit.

I know memory is a funny thing- shaped by our history, our mood, our prejudices but minutes after the post, I got an email asking me if I knew about this thing that was happening in 20 minutes. (My post, my time line.)

The irony is that I got the third-hand notice 35 minutes after my post. Damn, did I just pull an Alanis Morrisette? Or maybe, I’m a precog…. (Or maybe I have been watching too much Supernatural.)

I hadn’t even been cc’d on the initial by-the-way. It was a second-hand forward half based on the assumption that I may already know about the “thing” being organized for someone I think is absolutely wonderful. 

But that wasn’t the issue.

It was a cold reality check over something that, in the long run, won’t mean anything other than inspiration for a scene in a novel or screenplay. (Think Mean Girls, Office Space, Clockwatchers and BSG in equal parts with Margaret Cho or Janine Garofalo playing the character based on me.) People I thought were my friends are obviously work colleagues. Nothing more, nothing less. 

It is a distinction not to be forgotten. It just would have been nice if it was a shot glass of water rather than a bucket that was thrown in my face.

The reality is there is only a handful of people with whom I would be disappointed if the friendship did not continue beyond my exit from the company. I’m a grown up- not all “friendships” are the same or are meant to last forever.

But, I am human and I think I will wallow a little longer (and I am PMSing so F@CK OFF!)

This doesn’t really go in the category of People Suck, just People Are People- take it or leave it. 

Okay, it falls in the sub-category of People Suck a Little that eventually evolves into People Are People.

And I’ll be able to leave it soon.


~ by angryegg on April 4, 2009.

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