Where’s Harper?

Harper was a no-show for the “Class” photo at the G-20 Summit in London, England.

No, he wasn’t called in for a last minute interview at Fox.

His people are saying that he was stuck in a briefing and arrived just after everyone had left.

Crickets. Tumbleweed.

Apparently the BBC is reporting that he was in the loo when the photo was taken.

I don’t know if that is true but I love it!

Saying that he was in an important meeting is ridiculous! Especially since he was the only one of the Big 20 absent- how important could this possibly have been? What leader misses this photo op on purpose? Don’t tell me everyone connected to the summit in any way doesn’t have this on their Blackberry. Whose head is going to roll on this one?

They tried for another photo but this time, it was the Italian Prime Minister who was missing. Maybe he missed the last-minute memo.

Oh Harper, you really know how to do Canadians proud.


~ by angryegg on April 2, 2009.

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