Food Bargains Here I Come…

My brother gave me a two-pound vacuum packed brick of active dry yeast that he picked up at the Real Canadian Superstore- you know, one of those places where you can buy a bucket of mayonnaise large enough to serve as a sleeping pod for a small child.

The yeast was less than seven dollars! I’m excited. A small jar, maybe 200g usually runs about four dollars in a regular grocery store. If I wanted two packages I would have gotten an extra 10% off but I could never use up four pounds of yeast before the stale date.

Actually, I’ll be splitting the yeast with my Mom. She makes these awesome buns and I use mine for pizza dough. I would like to expand my yeast-risen repertoire to include bread but first on my list are cinnamon buns.

Oooey-gooey, sugary yummy-licious (bad for you) goodness.


I received a comment that got stuck in my spam queue about baking healthy treats to save her hard-earned cash and waist-line. I don’t blame you. The raw ingredients for baked goods are pretty inexpensive and I usually find most commercially baked goods too sweet. They are usually fine with a large black coffee but even then I can feel my teeth loosening. Besides, the only way to know what really goes into a product is if you make it yourself.

A lot of consumers have gotten wise(r) to reading labels but I would hazard to guess, not enough. People are more concerned with organics and eating locally these days- though may I say, organic ketchup is probably not something to brag about.

The trick is buying good ingredients, buying only what can be used up before it goes bad but also knowing what to do with them. That is where a lot of people get lost and end up at the convenience aisle or the deli.

I am not saying that is necessarily bad but certainly a lot more expensive. Things also don’t have to be complicated. In the summer it is very easy to eat fresh and the barbecue can by your best friend.

There are great cookbooks for the absolute beginner and if you don’t want to make that commitment, a lot to be found on the net. Ask culinary minded friends for easy meals that can be thrown together- a lot can be done with minimal cooking.

I read an article posted last year by one of my favourite food writers, Mark Bittman. Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less.

Who doesn’t have 10 minutes?

Okay, some of the ideas may take a little longer than 10 minutes the first time you try it but pretty soon, you’ll be able to toss it together while enjoying a glass of wine- actually, break out the wine only after the chopping is done. A glass or two (or three) is not worth a trip to emergency.

And remember, these are only suggestions- items can be omitted or (reasonably) substituted.

These ideas are certainly not limited to summer dining and are a great way to get your feet wet. You’ll be baking (if you wish to) in no time and we’ll be fighting for the last two-pound block of yeast at the store.

I’ll have to go there in person sometime soon…Who knows what crazy bargains can be found and can be made with said bargains…



~ by angryegg on March 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Food Bargains Here I Come…”

  1. I would love to get an insight on that 10 minute recipe book. If that many meals can be made within 10 minutes, I wouldn’t mind preparing anyday!!

  2. Hi,

    The link to the summer express meals was in the post but for your reference, you can click on the link below or if you are having problems, just copy and paste the link below into another window and it will take you to the article.

    Have fun playing!

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