The World is Your Dumping Ground

People love to bitch about the weather.

Too hot, too cold, too windy, too humid, too much snow, too much rain, not enough rain….

One thing I love about the snow is that I covers up sh!t- literally. Dogs with negligent owners, trash (dropped by those who obviously expect someone else to pick up after them- what are you, dogs?), cigarette butts, gum…. There is nothing like a blanket of snow to make it all go away- for a while.

Every time there is a thaw, I unearth a ton of crap that has drifted into my front “yard.” It is quite unseemly and more than a little embarrassing. My house is right behind a bus stop so people tend to linger, and when they linger, they drop stuff- but never anything good like money.

On the local news, they have been talking a lot about dumping. When the snow melts a lot of sh!t that no one wants to see is exposed. It is quite disgusting. People take all this crap they don’t want and dump it in the woods.

Do you people not get garbage pick-up? Granted there are some items that you have to notify someone in advance but they will take it.

Are there not garbage depots? If you can dump it in the woods, you can certainly dump it at the depot.

Some of this stuff could have been donated to Goodwill or Sally Ann but there are some locations where people will just throw stuff in the parking lot… Umm…there is a difference between donating an item for resale and dumping- is this too subtle?

There is always so much paper and aluminum cans at these impromptu dump sites….Hello, recycling???

What possesses people to dump their crap and let others deal with it? And in what world is that okay?

What am I saying- I work with some of them!

Sorry, I digress. Garbage, we are talking garbage.

Psychologically, if we see crap all over the place, it is easier for us (people at large) to justify adding our sh!t to the pile- I mean, who would know the difference? Seriously, do people not feel some sort of responsibility to act like a decent human being? I am not religious but what happened to “Do onto others?”

This stuff happens on a much larger scale. We don’t want to deal with the headache of dealing responsibly with our garbage so boatloads of stuff (like computers) are shipped to places (like China) where they can deal with the heavy metals and other toxic substances- hey, as long as we don’t have to look at it, right?

But we do have to deal with it. Our little patch of the planet is not a closed system. Something dumped half-way across the world will affect us one way or another- never mind the stuff much closer to home.

It would be a much lovelier place if people would stop being such selfish bastards.


~ by angryegg on March 30, 2009.

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