Why Do I Care?

Because I am an idiot.

I am certainly not paid to care, but I do.

But I am loosing steam. I fall into the wave of the disgruntled masses but I keep falling out of it again.


Because I am an idiot.

I always care. I always feel responsible. I want to do a good job because other people depend on me and I know how it is to chase people for information.

That is why I end up supervising the person who used to be my manager- and I use that term loosely. Very loosely.

That I have to spoon feed information via email and in person only to check the work and still have it be wrong is inexcusable. But no one else seems to give a sh!t that it is a complete waste of time and thus, money, why do I?

This person obviously doesn’t but has managed to get other people to do her work, take full credit for it and get herself promoted with a raise. How does she live with herself?

But who is more the fool?

That would be me.


~ by angryegg on March 28, 2009.

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