I Hate Gypsies

I didn’t always hate gypsies.

I used to have this romantic notion of who gypsies were, their a quasi-nomadic lifestyle unencumbered by possessions, living and dying by their wits…

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

I was naïve and stupid!

What changed my mind so emphatically?

My encounters with gypsies in Russia.

It’s not like I wake up thinking, “I hate gypsies.”

I don’t even think about gypsies all that much but a few nights ago my boyfriend corrected a spelling error. Gypped is spelled with a ‘y’ (and not an ‘i’) because the root is gypsy. Duh- should have known.

Someone asked me how to spell gypped yesterday- bringing back the wonderful gypsy memories bubbling to the surface. At least I could give her the proper spelling.

Why the harsh feelings towards gypsies? I was attacked by gypsies twice during my stay in Russia many years ago.

The first time happened during a sunny afternoon. We were walking through a crowd of people and I got separated from my friends. In a fraction of a second, without warning, I was swarmed by more than 15 people- women and children (no men, ever). One of the women looked like she should have given birth the week before.

I was completely frozen. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

I clutched my belongings and just stood there- like a statue. My friends realized that I was not with them, came back, pulled them off me and it was over- in seconds. It became a funny story- I wish I could have seen my face. We couldn’t believe how quickly it happened. I was targetted because I am short, look young (and stupid apparently) and was obviously a foreigner. I didn’t lose anything but one of my friends had the sleeve on her t-shirt ripped- her badge of courage. I think she may have saved the grubby scrap of cloth as a keepsake.

The second time was in one of the many passages in the Moscow underground. We were coming from the subway and probably going to the cheap shawarma place. There were columns running down the middle of this passage. We saw a bunch of gypsy kids hanging around and they saw us. We thought we would be smart and casually crossed over to the other side of the columns. They crossed with us.

There was no avoiding this encounter. It made more sense to face them head on as opposed to being jumped from behind so we steeled ourselves and plowed ahead.

They started to grab at us and we brought up our elbows and pushed them off. I think I caught one of them under the chin with my forearm. I don’t remember any screaming- I could only hear my heart beating and the sound of scuffling. They realized very quickly that we were not easy marks and melted back into the crowd.

We were triumphant! The adrenaline made me feel like Superwoman. There may have been some high 5’s. I felt like I could do anything at that moment. We were practically giddy and turned to congratulate the other girl but she had missed the whole fray.

When we marched towards the gypsies, she froze and watched it happen a few steps away. I couldn’t blame her- I did the same thing the first time. You stop breathing and you freeze. She couldn’t believe how brave (stupid) we were or how quickly it started and then ended.

Less than 10 seconds later, we saw a couple friends walk towards us- they had no idea what had happened. They didn’t see or hear a thing even though they couldn’t have been more than 15 metres away.

The only reason the one girl and I decided to fight our way out of this was because we had been in the thick of it before. We might have been less brave if we had known the other girl had frozen. We would have had to protect her and fight them off so it was probably better that she wasn’t in the thick of it at all.

I kind of wonder what the bystanders thought. We were surrounded by people but there was no time for anyone to step in to help.

I have never told my parents about these incidents- they would (and still would) freak out, lock me up and throw away the key. Thankfully they don’t have a computer. Parents worry and what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

It would take something huge to curb my dislike of gypsies- my boyfriend thinks it’s funny because I practically spit over my shoulder when I hear the word. The odds of a gypsy encounter here is pretty low but if I ever come across a band of them, I’ll know what to do.





~ by angryegg on March 26, 2009.

12 Responses to “I Hate Gypsies”

  1. first how would u have known they were gypsy n yes i am gypsy not all gypsyies are da same ok just like not every black man kills ppl ok thats what i dnt get am no raceis but were black men kill ppl thats nuthing right or were white ppl rape lil girls thats nuthing k u ppl need to get a life and get over your self ok just cuzz some gypsyies r bad dnt mean all of us are so why dnt you take this shit off ok thanx godblass

  2. all you raceis people need to stop saying that all gypsys are scammers and bad people yes there is bad gypsys but how many white people do you see in jail because they did somthing bad how many black people do you see in jail be cause they did somthing bad how many spanish people do you see in jail because they did somthing bad see were all just people thats the way god made us no bodys perfict we all got floss so you soudnt juge cuzz only god has that right!!!!!!!

  3. yeah gypsies are work shy scum who don’t pay taxes and steal everything they own and then have the nerve to compare themselves as equals to normal citizens. It disgusts me, its not an issue of race its about human decency.

  4. you people have no respect for normal society so who the hell do you think you are? racism? are you stupid? its just anger.

  5. Sorry but, I know plenty of gypsies, my neighbours are gypsies, and they are the worst fucking neighbours in the world.
    They ARE scammers, i helped them loads of times and they only have stolen stuff off of me.
    They don’t have any respect for anybody, they don’t know loyalty nor decency. I absolutely dislike them and when I move here I hope I will never meet any Roma- Gyspies again.
    They are deceivingly charming at first glance, but once you get to know them they show their true thief face.

  6. If you’re going to try to defend yourself, could you at least post a somewhat legible response?

    I work with a self proclaimed gypsy, and she is awful! Between the stealing, lying, utter laziness and obvious drug use, I absolutely hope she gets fired.

  7. My best friend is a gypsy. I’m not. She is the best friend I have ever had. so nice, so trustworthy everything a best friend should be. She doens’t lie she doesn’t thieve. Nor do any of her other Gypsy friends that I have spoke to.
    I would also like to know how knew your ‘attackers’ where Gypsies? Did they shout it out at you whilst they were ‘attacking’ you? Or did you just guestimate?

  8. From my experience of gypsies, and that of many of my neighbours, they will,and often do, steal anything that isn’t nailed down,and quite a lot of what is nailed down. A few months ago one of my neighbours actually saw two gypsies take a scooter, which was used by a handicapped lady,from outside her house. Fortunately the police were called and arrived promptly and arrested them before they could make a clean getaway. Apparently the excuse they gave for taking the scooter was that they thought it was scrap. I can relate four more instances, but suffice it to say that gypsies are opportunist thieves,who will steal ANYTHING,given the chance. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  9. From what I know the “gypsies” are divided into several sub groups with some variations in culture..like the Roma,Lomavren,Shinti etc and ‘gypsy’ is a collective term used for them .

    Many gypises have been successful not all are thieves and rapists like you claim..some notable ones are listed here..http://www.imninalu.net/fG_countries.htm

    Nobel Prize winner in Medicine who was a Danish romani http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Krogh

    Some west africans mainly identified as Nigerians have been involved in online fraud and actual schemes this has given Nigerians, West African and generally african’s as a whole a bad image, depite the fact that only 7% of the African population is even actively exposed to the internet, these are barely representative of all African people and many things as well have come out of Africa like Diamonds,Gold,Oil and Agricultural produce, slave labour that have driven western economies up to now.

    In D.R.Congo the Belgium Government in collaboration with scientists from the several EU states and US as part of a program to obtain vaccines used thousands of people for experiments..there is even well documented (material and video) evidence and several things like starting conflicts and promoting conflicts for oil,gold and diamonds all over Africa as well as things like slave trade and many other evil despicable and inhumane things.

    The apartied in S.Africa as well as several other programs like that would according to your logic give the African governments the right to remove the human rights of the white settlers since they mistreated and killed africans.. and still many Europeans still live in these countries enjoying more rights that the natives like in S.Africa or Namibia..but still no overt hatred has been..shown.

    Does that mean that every White person/European’s is bad? I am sure you have felt some kind of alienation from a society for not being part of it..at least a little and have complained about it..You should use the same measure of judgment when looking down on another group of people..you can’t justify it..

    I was talking a Romanian friend recently and he had such hatred until he actually bothered to research about this topic.

    This is what I told him

    “I was really wondering why you guys hate these people so much..

    If anything they should be the ones hating you..but if people are oppressed you cant expect them to fit into society when they don’t have equal rights..they will resort to crime to survive..the basic instinct of human nature

    I was also doing some research into the issue of taxes..apparently if any one has permanent property like houses, business etc they have to pay taxes according to Romanian and EU laws..so if a gypsy has a large house, he will have to pay taxes

    Anyway in the end its your life, your country, your continent but just put yourself in their shoes..I speak to you because i know that you as compared to Simon are more reasonable some one can’t have a sensible dialog with him if he disagree, but you can start to make a difference..many people can justify many things like hatred for Jews because some are corrupt and power hungry and even Blacks because some are gang bangers ..so hatred will go on as long as some people are marginalized and looked down upon by others…right of course most of the Jews are doing well for themselves some through hard work and some are billionaires through evil means but in the end ..you can always be on either side .i.e being oppressed or being the oppressor..I hope you never experience oppression because its not good man anyways..even if its just you.you can start to make a difference

    In the end nothing differentiates you from the guys of the third reich who killed over a million gypsies

  10. Well this makes me really upset to see what our world has become!I am not Gypsy but I respect them, not all are the same of course but most are good people!Its like why should I respect you if you don’t respect kinda thing.How about if you were the minority,if you were disliked over something someone else.Its like paying for someone elses crime.Put yourself in their shoes how’d you feel? just Live,Laugh,Love,and Learn!

  11. So many BS artists with so little experience with gypsies. Just pompous idiots posing.


  12. One cannot get always avoid comments of a questionable nature, and I will admit that I only skimmed over the posts in this link, some seemed to be legitimate and literate (not inflammatory) accounts of personal experiences similar to my own.

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