Morons In Our Midst

My workplace, like most others, is understaffed and generally (inequitably) underpaid.

But big-picture gripes (that are completely beyond my worker bee control) aside, there are little things that make me crazy- and when you are already on the precipice….

They are silly and seemingly inconsequential but they are symptomatic of the “not my job” attitude that makes life difficult for everyone. I don’t want to deal with it so I’ll just leave it for the next sucker who comes along.

And I that would be me.

I had to scan some stuff and thought I would staple something while I was there. The stapler jammed. My first thought was that I didn’t press hard enough so I tried again- thinking this would solve my problem.


Maybe I should have checked to see if it was jammed in the first place but silly me, I must have glossed over this step in the Stapler Operation Manual. I grabbed some pliers and cleared the offending jam. I tried again and the same bloody result.

A closer look revealed that some BOOB put the wrong staples in the f@cking stapler.

Are you a god@mn moron?

But to jam it up in the first place and leave it??? Really??

Ass! This is probably the same person who doesn’t put paper in the printer.

My INTJ sense of right and wrong can be a bit of an albatross but the least this person could have done was inform the facilities coordinator.

This is a small thing but it can be a big thing if someone goes postal. Think Office Space but the copy machine is not at risk…


~ by angryegg on March 25, 2009.

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