Keane Obsession Stymied…

By family obligation.


Keane will have to wait. I was willing to go on my own even though the venue is hard to get to and is apparently not good for viewing.  I think my friends are all too old and crotchety to go to these anymore. The only ones they want to go to are bands I have already seen or ones I would have to be paid to go see. It’s not like I have never gone to concerts on my own- one time I met some pretty amazing people and another time, I somehow got myself on t.v. (?). It wouldn’t be a big deal at all- there just wouldn’t be anyone to dissect the performance with afterwards.  

We have to make an appearance at the wedding of a family friend. I am kind of dreading it because no one in my immediate family is married with kids. My Dad will get the “I’m so sorry” looks from his friends. Some people measure the worth of a man (woman) by the number of grandkids running around and climbing on them- and they will all be at the wedding banquet.

It will actually be cool to see some people I haven’t seen since the last wedding banquet about 15 years ago. My boyfriend is relieved he is excused from this one- an etiquette thing. The food at my uncle’s wedding banquet really scared him. I don’t know why…doesn’t everyone eat jellyfish? Given the warming of our climate and the burgeoning jellyfish population in the world’s oceans, jellyfish consumption will likely be marketed to the point where we will see it featured in Happy Meals in the not-too-distant future.

Hmmm…I think we may have actually gone to McDonalds after the banquet- the boy was starving.

Well, I will just have to continue to admire Keane from afar….

Maybe I’ll just have to have a wander around the usual band hangouts in the city the night before.

Kidding! (A little bit.)


~ by angryegg on March 25, 2009.

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