In 10 Hours (and counting)…The Frakkin’ End

In less than 10 hours, the series finale of Battlestar Galactica will begin.

Yes, I am a BSG fangeek.

I reminded my boyfriend that this was happening today and he cried a little inside. Space (The Imagination Station) will actually be airing all thirteen episodes starting at 11am. If I weren’t working, I’d be watching it…Right now!

He is more than a little sad because there is a one hour pre-show that I will be watching (of course). He is now thinking that a late night at work would not be a bad idea- silly boy.

It will be sad when this thing wraps up tonight- I don’t know how all the unanswered questions will wrap up in two hours.

Although I have followed this from the very beginning (and was hooked from minute one), I was skeptical because I was a big fan of the original series that came out in the 70’s. When I look at the original episodes of BSG, I am shocked by how campy it was.

A couple years ago I saw Richard Hatch, Apollo from the original series, at a Star Trek convention in Toronto. I had such a crush on him in the 70’s. He was incredibly charming and had us all eating out of his hand by the end of his talk. He was nothing but complementary about working with the new BSG cast and crew. I even considered getting an autograph (for about two minutes) but I couldn’t bring myself to do it…. I have attended the conventions for years but have yet to cross that line.

He talked about his attempts to remake BSG and how he, like the fans of the original, were more than a little suspicious and skeptical about how the remake would compare- especially since the casting announcement that Starbuck would be a woman was such a controversial one. It was a gamble that paid off.

Last year a BSG special aired where celebrity fangeeks talked about how much they loved the show. One of them was Joss Whedon of Buffy, Angel , Firefly, Dollhouse fame. I am a HUGE fan. It was awesome to see him be as big a fangeek (if not bigger) than I.

It has only been in the last couple seasons that I became aware that some of the people I worked with were also fans of the show. And here I thought I was an island of one! It was nice not to get that WTF look when you mentioned the show. I told some of them that I saw the actress that plays Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff, at a Star Trek convention.  This was just before the new Bionic Woman was about to air and the male fans almost fell over.

Science fiction has such a bad rap and I don’t know why. Granted there is a lot of crap out there but it is regarded as juvenile by people who don’t read or watch SF shows. The good ones (books, shows, movies) discuss very real issues in such a way that is not threatening and is not likely to be censored. People who scoff at this notion don’t have a clue (or have very short and selective memories)- look at what happened to Bill Maher shortly after 9/11….

Science fiction and fantasy affords a certain distance that allows for the exploration of issues that would otherwise be too painful to consider. A lot of people will acknowledge something as “literature” and praise it as such (A Handmaid’s Tale) but refuse to see the work for what it is- science fiction- as if this diminishes the work.

The only thing mitigating my sadness is that the prequel, Caprica, is in the works and will hopefully air in the fall to fill the void that will be left behind when BSG concludes (tonight…sniff).

Maybe I’ll wait a while to tell my boyfriend that this isn’t (really) the end.


~ by angryegg on March 20, 2009.

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