Okay, So It Wasn’t Just in My Head…

The morning news announced that inflation was up 1.4% from last February.

Food prices, specifically for fresh food, went up 26%!

I was shocked.

I thought prices seemed high- with the whole economic crisis thing and the threat of deflation, I wondered if I might have been imagining things. Well, apparently not.

I’ve been tightening the belt even more lately though I am more frugal than most. We don’t have cost of living adjustments where I work so I real wages are less than what they were last year and less than the year before.  Ouch!

I’ve heard people complaining about their bonuses and I want to smack them- at least you get a bloody bonus moron! This may be a big thing to ask but try and be a little (just a little) aware of your audience and whine accordingly.

Decorum. Manners. Sensitivity. What are they? (Vestiges of a bygone era that probably only existed in ones imagination.)

I know I have it very good compared to a lot of people- due in large part to the fact that Canada is my country of birth. Even though I have been hit hard (sigh) by the stock market nose dive over the past year and a half- my position is one of extreme privilege compared to the vast majority of people in the world (and with my fellow countrymen). As frightening as it may be, I know this is the time to take those pennies I have squeezed and go big or go home.

But it hurts a little more when the increases are so sharply defined. There is a difference between knowing and knowing exactly how much. Of course we tend to make slightly different buying decisions if prices are vastly different, i.e. substituting very expensive vegetables with others that may be the loss leader for that week, no-name versus brand name, dented versus non-dented.

Despite my whinging, I still firmly believe that making real food at home from scratch (or as scratch as you can handle) is still better (and better for you) than eating out. And, as Campbell’s will tell you, it can make a significant difference on the pocketbook.

Hmmm….Now might be a good time to get that herb garden going….


~ by angryegg on March 19, 2009.

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