How About a Buffet for Four Instead?

I saw this on the crawl and heard this blurb on the news this morning.

Someone is suing the OLG for $42 million because thought he won this amount playing slots at a casino in Ontario.

The OLG, claims that the machine was broken and offered him vouchers for dinner for four at the buffet!

Salt meet wound.

This sounds absolutely ridiculous on many levels.

When has anyone EVER won that much money playing slots? In ONTARIO??

And penny slots at that where the maximum payout is $9000!!!! I don’t know if there are disclaimers and waivers posted somewhere at the casino indicating payouts are at the discretion of the OLG- a get out of jail free card, so to speak.

The lawyer representing the plaintiff is claiming that no maximum payout was posted on the machine….I am not a frequent guest of the casinos but in my limited experience, the maximum payout is ALWAYS listed. I mean, it TOTALLY SUCKS to think that you won $42 million only to be handed a dinner but let’s be a little bit reasonable!

The machine was obviously faulty but the least the OLG could have offered was monetary compensation- even the maximum payout of $9000 will be less than what it will cost to deal with this lawsuit. Considering all the flack that the OLG and gambling period in Canada has taken over the past two years, you would think that they would try to be a little more reasonable than dinner coupons.

I wonder if this person is taking a page out of the playbook from the guy with the scratch ‘n win who raised a stink a month or so ago and got a payout?


~ by angryegg on March 19, 2009.

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