Spring Clean This

We got an email in the office last week announcing ‘Spring Cleaning.’


Specifically the fridge- if an item was not identified, it would be pitched.


I am dutiful as always so anything that I did not finish off got a stickie with my name on it. I felt like I was living with roommates again. 

But people forget. People don’t read their emails. People decide to take extra long weekends and miss ‘Spring Cleaning’ emails.


The last time they did a ‘clean,’ some things were ready to crawl out on their own. They threw out more than a garbage bag of food, takeout containers and tupperware. They even threw out packets of butter and jam!!!??


Of course I was completely unaware of this until I went to the fridge the day after the purge and found nothing to put on my bagel. The packets weren’t taking up much space. They weren’t hurting anyone. I didn’t know they needed to be rescued but I do now so I saved what I could find. I should move them back to the fridge so others can share the bounty.


I readily admit to being a pack rat. I am loathed to throw anything out. Guaranteed, within a week of making the decision to chuck something, I will need it. I have kept horrible gifts thinking that maybe, just maybe, when I least expect it, that item will have a purpose. That almost never happens and yet I hang onto them.


I started letting some stuff go a couple weeks ago and I still have the bruises to show for it. I filled up the monstrous recycling bin (sleeps two comfortably) that was emptied last Wednesday so I have a little over a week to fill that sucker up again- and I will fill it up.


Binning or recycling all the stuff that has no use or value could take a while because I’ve been in my place for a very long time. It has become a dumping ground for people who have moved away to bigger and better. I have to stop giving strays a home and suggest that they be kicked over to a charity shop instead. “No” is not a four-letter word- I have to keep reminding myself.


It was spring-like this weekend and I managed a decent purge this Sunday. People talk about how wonderful it feels to let things go, how having space in your home allows for new things to come into your life, how clearing out your closets will help you lose weight. That sounds a little pie-in-the-sky to me but I wouldn’t mind shedding some weight before tennis season kicks into gear.


So-called friends have threatened to stage an intervention and bring in one of those shows that promise to change your life by making you sell or throw out everything you own and then rearrange your empty shelves in your empty room that is now painted a colour better suited to the set of Mr. Dressup. The organization experts would tell me that I could only keep 30 books and I would be obliged to tell them to f#ck off and show them the door.


I hope I will feel lighter after the final purge but I haven’t gotten to the hard stuff yet. It will get painful but I have to keep pushing while the forces of inertia are still in my favour.


~ by angryegg on March 16, 2009.

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