Peter MacKay For What???

Well, it looks like someone has been campaigning to become the next NATO secretary general.


MacKay knows he will never become Prime Minister of Canada- even though he sold his soul broke the promise not to unite the right (when he was jockeying for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party) by getting in bed with the Reform Canadian Alliance Party two minutes after he was elected top dog of the Progressive Conservatives to form what is now the Conservative Party.


Is it just me or is he getting further and further away from the seat of power? And during the parliamentary time out whole proroguing incident, not a peep was heard from the Defence Minister….


It all makes sense now.


The man has bigger fish to fry.



If he can’t reach the pinnacle on the national stage (one would have to pry the leadership from Harper’s cold dead hands- good luck with that), work the international stage. And that is what he has done.



I am not even sure if he is aligned with Harper and his Reform buddies on a lot of issues but this is the bed he made and he has had to wallow in it. I wonder if towing the party line has become too much for him to bear?




My concern is how he would handle a crisis on the international stage. I am not sure if he has the fortitude or the political wherewithal to navigate the minefield of international politics.



If he becomes the next secretary general of NATO, how will he handle himself when sh!t hits the fan? I believe it is actually part of the job description.



Will he run to the family homestead in Nova Scotia and hide his head? That is not an option he will have once he makes the leap to a bigger pond.



It is embarrassing enough to have Harper and the other members of his cabinet represent Canada on the international stage. (Shiver.) Can the world (can we???) take MacKay in a much more prominent role?



I am not convinced that MacKay will be anymore effective in NATO than he has been in Parliament- if this does go through, for everyone’s sake, I hope I am wrong.





~ by angryegg on March 10, 2009.

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