Can’t Get It Out of My Head!

Have you ever “played” the super hero power game?


If you could have any super power, what would it be?


Most people wax poetic about the ability to read minds, move objects with their mind or fly. (After watching Heroes, it would be the ability to take everyone else’s super power.) The best I’ve ever heard was the ability to put music into people’s head. It is an insidious super power- one that could be used for good or evil. And it is the only one to make me laugh out loud- one of the reasons why my boyfriend and I are together.


Well, I feel like I’ve been zapped by this super power- I can’t get this silly wanna-be 80’s pop tune out of my head, Pop Goes My Heart.


I’ve been fighting a bug for the last little while and have been lying low as a result. Saturday night we were flipping channels and stumbled across a “fake” video that opens the movie Music & Lyrics. Lame name for a movie- sounds more like a working title but the movie was actually not bad…Pretty good for a romcom.


Or maybe I am sicker than I thought.


I am totally the demographic for this movie. If you watch nothing else, check out the opening on YouTube. I defy you not to laugh your ass off and cringe at the same time. It really does make you a little nostalgic for cheesy 80’s music- though not necessarily the hair, fashion and dance moves.


The catchy tune the two leads compose (as they fall in love…ahhhh…) is good in that mushy sappy way that you have to be in the mood for but won’t actually admit to anyone that you are a sucker for. At least it is not annoying in the way that the title song of That Thing You Do was. (It was cute the first 15 times we heard it in the movie but the 16th time on…enough already!!!) Coincidentally, both songs were written by the same guy, Adam Schlesinger for those who care- and you all should!


It is not a cookie cutter romcom but it is cut from the same feel-good cloth. Of course it is predictable- it is a Hollywood movie after all but I was pleasantly surprised by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore’s easy chemistry together and was surprised to learn that they did their own singing. (Please don’t let that be a lie- I really want to buy that!) Make sure you watch the final credits where they do the Pop-Up Video treatment on Pop Goes My Heart. Classic cheese and I loved it.


Now I just need to get that bloody song out of my head…nothing a couple hours of Keane can’t fix.


~ by angryegg on March 9, 2009.

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