Pedestrian Chicken

I must have missed the memo this morning.


Apparently today is not Employee Appreciation Day but See How Many People You Can Push Off the Sidewalk Day.


Unfortunately I am O for I-stopped-counting.


I am short but I am not diminutive. I am not rocking crazy hair or look-at-me clothes so perhaps I blend in a little. I don’t look like a street person today- maybe that’s the problem. I actually look like I work in an office today- quite shocking actually.


But SERIOUSLY!!! Do I really look like that much of a pushover???


I guess I must because I had to dodge a lot of people this morning who wouldn’t even deign to turn their shoulder, even slightly, to facilitate a thin veil of civility. I know they saw me- they just didn’t care.


This actually started yesterday. Some girl ran past me with her cell phone in hand. With her arm swinging straight from her shoulder, like a pendulum, she clipped me and kept going- not even breaking her stride. On my way home, I was carrying a big bulky Costco bag. I got nudged a few times and got “the stare” but then this older woman slammed right into my bag, it slipped off my shoulder and she also kept going.


I was with a friend. We laughed because it was that ridiculous. She didn’t see her slam into me bit she heard the thud. Unbelievable!


I am as impatient as the next person but I try not to be rude- unless someone gives me cause. Even then I would feel guilty if I retaliated. Stupid me!



~ by angryegg on March 6, 2009.

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