Africa- Hip Hop/Boy-Band Style

We were getting ready for work this morning and I heard what sounded like Africa by 70s-80’s rock band Toto. (Initially I thought it was by Asia but they hit it big with Heat of the Moment. How odd would it be for Asia to do a song called Africa….Duh! In my defense, my blood sugar was low.)


It was bad. Train wreck can’t take my eyes off it bad. It was covered by some Karl Wolf guy.


If the very idea wasn’t bad enough, he starts scatting in the middle of the song.




Scat, at the best of times, can be grating but combine that with a wanna be Hip Hop/Boy-Band version of a power ballad-ish rock song from the early 80s and it becomes HORRENDOUS!!!


Then throw in a cookie cutter T&A Hip Hop video and you have the makings of a 2.99 (I am being generous) yellow sticker special.


Thankfully The Go-Go’s, Frank Black and Blondie wiped the stink from my mind. It made me nostalgic for some of the music I grew up with…Toto, Asia, Boston, Journey- I think I still have this stuff on vinyl at my parents’ house. 


I don’t subscribe to the theory that all remakes are bad- just a lot of them. It’s a little weird to hear so much of the music I grew up with being used for commercials or reworked like this one. Is this where music goes to die?


Okay, that was a little harsh. A commercial can be a springboard for new artists and some remakes have become the definitive version- but this is definitely not one of them.


Maybe someone out there loves this song…I reserve the right to mock them.


~ by angryegg on March 5, 2009.

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