What Did You First Notice?

On the news yesterday one of the segments asked for viewer input about the economic crisis- specifically the first thing that impacted their lives or made them realize that this was now in their own backyard.


They were talking about Starbucks following in the footsteps of McDonalds in introducing a “value” menu- so far only in the States. Everyone and their dog are introducing “value” options to entice customers. If I owned a restaurant, I would probably do the same. Incidentally, the front page of the local free paper reads, EAT WELL. SPEND LESS. I think everyone is on that wavelength.


It made me think about the first thing(s) I noticed…


My private cooking clients stopped calling.


The shelf at the grocery store with discounted baked goods hasn’t been as bountiful. Slim pickings for me because we are all thinking that getting something a dollar or two cheaper is worth the lack of freshness.


All the commercials about getting dinner on the table for $10 (thank you HH, whatever you are). There is a new one for a company synonymous with canned soup. They hired a self-described money coach (she has a show where she helps couples get themselves out of their financial jams) to plug the use of their soups to create “restaurant inspired” meals that cost less than $15. I may check it out- even though I already use some of their soups to make something other than soup.


More bonus air mile offerings advertised in the weekly flyer from a certain drug store.


More emails from Air Canada and retailers announcing extra special limited time only deals.


One person sent an email to the show about seeing a huge lineup at the beer store to return empties but no one was walking out with beer. A couple weeks ago I returned some random bottles I had lying around gathering dust. There were two women unloading cases of bottles (they either had a very big party or owned a bar) and a Chinese couple with a couple bundle buggies full of wine and beer bottles they had probably picked out of recycling bins. People were getting substantial bills and I ended up with enough to get me a large coffee at Tim’s. Did I feel a little sheepish that I only had 7 bottles? Oh no, NOT AT ALL!


A friend of mine was saying that the area where she lives right now is littered with empty beer and liquor bottles by the time Sunday rolls around. “Free” money and you would be doing the environment and the city a favour.


“Experts” are predicting gloom and doom, some say this will be over by the end of the year and others see a telescoping road with no end in sight, but everyone is comforted by the fact that we will not have it as bad as the U.S. or some European countries. That may be true but it is small comfort for people who have just lost their jobs.


Whatever the situation, there are always options- always. Hopefully most were smart enough to see the signs and started or built up an emergency fund. No one really knows what is going to happen- you can only do the best you can do.


It may mean having to do things you have never done before or give up some things that were once considered necessities but I can guarantee a couple things….This will not last forever and this will happen again.


~ by angryegg on March 4, 2009.

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