Miley Disses Asians

I heard about this and tried to reserve opinion until I saw the photo(s) in question. In truth, I have seen worse but this doesn’t let her (or the rest of them) off the hook.

Why does this matter? Aren’t they just a bunch of stupid teenagers goofing around, making asses of themselves? The two non-apologies she issued were pretty pathetic. I was actually waiting for the “I have friends who are Asian…” defense- as if counting friends among the group that you have disparaged lets you off the hook.

For the record, that excuse is old and lame.

This matters because kids look up to her- rightly or wrongly. As scary as this thought may be, pretty much anything she does will be seen as cool by the young and feeble minded- something to be emulated.

The top elective surgery procedure in Asia is Asian blepharoplasty. Also know as double-eyelid surgery, this is designed to “place a pretarsal crease in Asian eyes.” One of the plastic surgery sites I looked at states that “(patients) typically desire to look more bright eyed and want to make applying eyeliner easier.” (Yeah, right.) They also go on to state that in “current American society, Asian patients almost never seek to westernize their appearance, and surgeons should be wary of modifying a patient’s ethnic appearance, even in the rare case when it is requested.”

What do they mean by “almost never”? I don’t want to get into the politics of this right now but I would love to hear the response to the correlative increases in this procedure with the influx of Western media in the East.

About half the Asian population has a double-eyelid and apparently, it is more desirable to have them than not. I remember my sister taunting me because her eyelid fold was more pronounced than mine. I think I replied with something like, “Yeah, okay…” How else could I respond? It’s true. The interesting point is she thought I would care. She has always been more concerned about appearances than me (not really a contest) but it never occurred to me that this had deeper implications. 

Actually, I had forgotten about this until now- it was a long time ago. Hmmm…. Deeper issues at play that were brought up but the latest in a series of photo “oops” by the spawn of Achy-Breaky Heart. A scary thought.

A friend of mine did the “Asian eye-thing” in front of me without thinking. I gave her a somewhat quizzical look and she realized it was inappropriate. I wasn’t about to make a big issue of it at work. I wasn’t offended but I was a little shocked. If I didn’t know her and the context, I would have been upset.

I hear all the time that things are much better than they used to be. In some ways yes; in a lot of ways no. When racist comments, gestures, stereotyping etc are more overt, there is opportunity for dialogue. In our politically correct world, it goes underground. People will think it- they are just more careful not to say it to your face.

It is not easy responding to innuendo. I hate playing the race card but I have had it smeared in my face and it can crush you in ways you don’t expect. 

People make mistakes and the measure of an individual is how they rectify those mistakes. My biggest problem is that she (and a lot of people who have seen the photos) don’t think it is a big deal and likely have not given it a second thought.

After all, one of the friends in the photo is Asian…


~ by angryegg on February 20, 2009.

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