Harper Kisses Obama’s Ass, Blames Bush

I admit it, I was one of the many who watched some of the Obama coverage yesterday because I was home. (I needed a break from reading and this just happened to be on every single Canadian channel.)

Am I the only one to find it funny that CNN interviewed Peter Mansbridge following his 10 minute interview with Obama earlier in the week??? For those of you who don’t know, Mansbridge is CBC’s Chief Correspondant and his was the only Canadian interview in advance of Obama’s visit yesterday. Was the news day THAT slow that they to talked to Mansbridge???

Sorry, I got sidetracked by the hilarity of Canada’s seeming obsession with all things Obama. It is amazing how many people waited hours (!) in hopes of a glimpse of the Rock Star President.

A friend of mine thought it was hilarious how Obama made Harper look stiff.

I mean really…how else would an early generation automaton move?

I thought it was very interesting how Harper’s newfound dedication to environmentalism is such a priority now that there is a President in office who believes that global warming is more than simply  a debate over semantics. Harper has gone as far as to blame the Bush administration for his (and his Conservative Party’s) inaction. 

I love how finger-pointing is a legitimate excuse for political inertia.

This would be hysterical if the consequences weren’t so potentially tragic. It is similar to the argument that nothing of consequence can be done about the environment until China and India are on board. It wasn’t that long ago that Harper and his lackeys were using the exact same language (and apparently the same consultant used by Bush and his Puppet Masters) to “reposition” the environmental crisis as a non-issue to satisfy the core of their (Big Oil) support.

Is Canada not an independent country with our own cultural identity, our own political structure, our own system of law and our defining intense obsession love for all things hockey? Canada has been a leader in many areas on the international stage but all of a sudden we are the U.S.’s much slighter Siamese twin.

We are neighbours who share very similar values and some would say, very similar cultures but we are not the same.

Canada needs a leader who has a pair. Though I am somewhat hopeful that we will move in the right direction on environmental issues, I am not comfortable with a “leader” whose position shifts with the wind.

Anyone with half a brain should not be fooled by his rhetoric. For the masses who buy into the latest mask Harper has donned, God help you and the rest of us who are dragged along in his wake.


~ by angryegg on February 20, 2009.

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