Is the End of the World at Hand?

I just read that Starbucks is introducing instant coffee to the marketplace…

Is Hell freezing over???

They convinced us that $5.50 for a tall chai blah, blah, blah was money well spent and now they are telling us that their patent pending processed instant coffee will change our lives.

Will this signal Starbucks’ implosion or is this genius?

I know a lot of people who are more than willing to plunk down good money every day for their morning and afternoon hit. I only do it on the rare occasion because my slave wages don’t allow it.

The coffee at work has gone from passable to yummy to dismal. (Definitely a cost issue.) It is at the point where I can’t drink it without a packet of instant hot chocolate for a mocha fix. I bring my own beans for a treat but instant would make life much easier…In fact, I have a jar of instant at my desk when the office coffee is particularly heinous.

Most coffee connoisseurs probably heaved into their sipping cups at the thought but it really is that bad.

The packaging itself reminds me of similar beverage items you will find in Asian supermarkets. I wonder if this was a conscious decision on their part? It would be an interesting way to secure a better foothold in that market.

The coffee I grew up on was instant so this is not weird to me. I will reserve judgement on this one until I have tried it- though I would prefer to see it in slightly less wasteful packaging.


~ by angryegg on February 18, 2009.

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