Gale Force Winds, Take Me Away

I was warned that it was going to be gusty today- gusty to the tune of 75km/hour. My umbrella was pretty much going to be useless today so I left it in my bag.


Too bad other people didn’t come to the same conclusion.


Many were using the two handed technique but even then it was still unstable. I had a devil of a time trying to walk past these people who were weaving around like drunken sailors when a gust of wind threatened to free the umbrella from their grasp.


It would have been funny if I wasn’t in constant danger of having my eye taken out.


And I just have to put it out there…is it really necessary to use ones the size of patio umbrellas? You could literally have 15 people (standing still) under those thing. A little water will not kill you- unless you happen to be the Wicked Witch of the West.


One silly man had a folded up newspaper over his head. The one end was at a 90° angle to his head because of the wind. Why bother?


Apparently the crazy wind will not be subsiding until 3 this afternoon- I think I’ll venture out after this blows over. I am not a small person and I was alternately leaning forward at an extreme pitch to prevent myself from being blown backwards or pushed forward into oncoming traffic.


How do the very small or frail do it? Not go outside I suppose.


~ by angryegg on February 12, 2009.

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