Senses Sets the Standard

The day started badly. One from our party of three bailed first thing due to work.

We were dumped on from the word go- and it did not stop. By 9:10, I was ready to go home and crawl back into bed. With only a slight nudge, we both would have flaked on the evening.

Thankfully we sucked it up and our faith in fine dining was restored.

Our expectations were low after the dismal experience at Bymark. Unfortunately, this pretty much fell inline with all my previous experiences at other restaurants during Winter/Summerlicious.

The whole mood was different. Where Bymark made us feel like we were on the outside peering in, Senses made us feel like we belonged. (Insert Pat Benatar song.) We weren’t seated at the best table (right at the front) but at least it hadn’t just been brought up from storage five minutes before our arrival. Already it was a vast improvement.

The setting was moody and elegant. Wine storage/display divided up the restaurant, giving it a more intimate feel. Hmmm…a decorating feature I may have to steal.

The staff was incredibly gracious and professional- no exceptions. The bread actually came before the appetizer (and not during the main- what a concept!) The food itself was beautifully presented and not overdone. The venison carpaccio was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and the double lamb chop was perfect. I would have loved more fruit compote and the Frangelico ice cream was literally to die for. I’ll have to figure out how to make my own Frangelico ice cream and chocolate croissant bread pudding…yum.

At no point did we feel like we were being rushed out. Our dinner was leisurely, nicely paced. I would recommend Senses to anyone- no caveats, no hesitation.

Our experience at Senses during Winterlicious left us wanting more- as it should. It is sad that this is the first time either of us had such a positive experience at a restaurant during this event. We both vowed to come back to try the regular menu- and bring a group to share the experience. I should have asked to have a look at the regular menu. Maybe I’ll see if the menu is online….

Okay, private and semi-private dining rooms with different menu options…hmmm, I do have a big birthday coming up…

The food was very good but the experience itself was superior. I don’t earn enough to make this a regular dining experience but for a special occasion, or a special person, Senses is at the top of my list.


~ by angryegg on February 11, 2009.

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