Cheap Can Be Expensive

I have a bad habit of cutting my hair when I am stressed, melancholic or pissed off…


Hmmm, what would a shrink about that?


I was sick this weekend and spent most of it alternately sleeping or whining. It is amazing my boyfriend didn’t club me in the head and put me out of my misery.


When I was finally feeling better, around 11:30 Sunday night (just in time to go to bed in anticipation of work the next day, whoohoo!), I decided that I needed a change. I keep threatening (joke) that I will not cut my hair until we either get married or have a baby. He finds hair all over the place- the bathtub drain being the most disgusting. At this point, it is a toss up between my hair or the cat’s fur, that is more invasive.


I’ve been growing out my hair for about 20 months and my bangs for about eight months and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Bangs are easy to cut for an instant change but not so easy to grow out. I erred on the side of slightly longer.


I will go to my friend/hairdresser for a drastic change but I can’t justify paying for a trim. Thankfully he doesn’t take offense. He knows that when I do see him, he can pretty much do what he wants- as long as it is easy to take care of. He’s a genius actually- my hair is fine, thin, pin straight and I have a Charlie Brown head that is the size of a basketball but he always gives me something good that even I can manage. He knows I am lazy. Using conditioner (in the winter) and combing out the tangles (when it is long) is basically the only extra effort I will put into it. When it comes to choosing between nice hair and an extra 30 minutes of sleep, sleep wins out every single time.


Apparently there are a lot of people cutting or dyeing their own hair to save money. Some end up having to pay out more if the results are disastrous. I can see people letting go of their housekeepers, dog sitters, personal chefs (me, sniffle), therapists (apparently), personal trainers etc but I would be a little wary about letting go of one’s hairdresser. So much of one’s self-esteem is tied to one’s hair. For everyone snickering at the thought, when you have a bad hair day, how does it make you feel and subsequently, how does your day generally go?


I used to do simple cuts on friends for my own amusement (crazy friends who were brave enough to let me play) but unless you have some skill it is kind of difficult to do for yourself. Besides, even the cheapest (decent) haircutting scissors will cost about $50. Not a big financial outlay if you are comfortable trimming your own bangs between sessions but a chunk of change wasted if you try it once, mangle your hair and vow never to do it again.


I read an article where they advised you through the “break up” process with people who provided those once essential services that are now not so essential with the economic upheaval. Not that long ago, paying for help was seen as the new status symbol. It is probably more of a status symbol since people have had to cut back. For the lucky ones who make more per hour than what it costs to hire a trainer/cleaner/other service provider, it actually makes more sense for you to retain the help- especially for those things you really don’t like to do.

I am not yet one of those lucky enough- though I would be hard-pressed to think of what service I would hire out. I would benefit from a few sessions with a personal trainer and a good haircut but I think I will make a pact with my boyfriend to workout together and give my friend/hairdresser a ring to meet for a drink.


~ by angryegg on February 10, 2009.

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