Hi, My Name is – and I’m an Addict.

What is wrong with me?

I am not a typical girly-girl. Friends consider me pretty low maintenance- which is a nicer way of saying I am lazy. 

But I have a secret addiction…

I love make-up.

On a typical day, I will darken my very sparse eyebrows, put on some eyeliner and lip balm. If I am feeling adventurous, I will put on coloured lip balm. Pretty basic and blah but I can’t walk by a makeup counter and not look.

I am compelled.

For that reason, I have never been to Sephora. I would have to leave my wallet at home, give a trusted friend explicit instructions not to lend me money and to drag me out at a pre-arranged time.

Three of my favourite words?

Gift with Purchase.

I understand that this is a marketing ploy used to suck in people like me but I am pretty good at convincing myself that these bonus fries are worth the price of admission.

But do I actually use this stuff? I use the sunscreens, moisturizers etc purchased to get the “gifts” in the first place but I am drawn to the pretty bags. I like trying new products relatively risk free (though the lipstick colours are never quite right). More often than not, I’ll play around with make-up and wash it off before going out.

My sister and I were never really allowed to use make-up when we were young. I am sure she found a way around the rules and it was never a big deal for me. The fact that my sister became a make-up artist and I am a lazy git when it comes to the art of self-beautifying is just a coincidence.

A few months ago I broke down and ordered make-up from the website of a beauty expert who has been on Oprah and The View. The stuff was on sale so it was easy for me to justify the purchase- what better way to figure out if the product lived up to her reputation as a consumer advocate for the beauty industry. It did.

Thankfully my boyfriend is not a fan of artifice but knowing how “low maintenance” I am, he can’t help but shake his head a little and smile in resignation when I come back with more “bargains.”

I recently organized my “stash” and started to keep a record of the samples used up. I am human- I need tangible proof that I have made progress. I am in week five of a self-imposed moratorium on the purchase of any beauty products. Nothing comes in unless a bunch of items have been used up. It will be months before I can justify a 1:1 exchange.

This probably sounds more than a little anal but it is working so far. There are some good deals at the drug store across the street from work so we will see how my resolve holds up. Or not….


~ by angryegg on February 5, 2009.

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