Canada is Number 1!

A study about pot use came out shortly after the whole Michael Phelps bong incident broke. (What timing!)


The survey was conducted in 2006 among 15 year olds in 30 countries.


And who was #1?


Go Team Canada!!!


30% of boys and 28% of girls surveyed in Canada had smoked pot. I am not sure if it was in the past year or if it was just if they had ever tried it- whether they inhaled or not was (to my knowledge) not part of the study.


American teens ranked third, with 24% of all teenagers having tried marijuana.


Apparently pot use has dropped worldwide except in Estonia, Lithuania and Malta and among Russian girls. Interesting.


In Canada, it dropped by 13% and 10% for boys and girls respectively. This is a pretty significant drop. What will pot purveyors do?


One of the reasons for the drop is attributed to the fact that teenagers are going out less. (Really?) People tend not to smoke up by themselves (they obviously don’t know my friends!) so the decline in social contact would naturally lead to the decline in pot use.


It is uncertain if this bong incident will boost pot use among teenagers by the time the next survey is conducted. Whether or not someone has a toke really depends on the company one keeps.


I wish I knew more about the study itself. I am always wary of how data can be manipulated. How were the study subjects chosen? Who was in the room when the survey was conducted? What specific questions were asked of them? Were there regional differences? Socio-economic differences?


Let’s face it, people lie.


Hmmm…I wonder if the current economic crisis will lead to an increase or decrease in pot use…Will we have to build up protectionist trade barriers to prevent our pot crops from unfair market conditions in the U.S.? Will the Conservative party stand up for pot rights as they have for Canadian steel makers?



It must be close to lunch but I wonder if there was also a corresponding drop in salty snack consumption among 15 year olds?


~ by angryegg on February 5, 2009.

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